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Development of Mineral Resources Base of Belarus

In 2010, implementation of the State Program on Geological Prospecting and Exploration for Mineral Resource Base Development for 2006-2010 and up to 2020 (hereafter State Program) adopted by Presidential Decree #184 of 28 March 2006 (as revised by Presidential Decree #566 of December 3, 2009) has been completed.

The goals set forth in the State Program were implemented by the following geological organizations of the Ministry of Nature and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus: Belgeologia, BELGEO, Belarusian Geological Research Institute, Belorusneft, Geoservis subordinate to the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus.

Mineral resources reserve increment in 2006-2010

Given the importance of reproduction and development of the mineral resources base, necessity to address long-term issues in the area of geological exploration and to adopt a comprehensive approach in mineral resources management Belarus has been currently implementing the Program of Development of Mineral Resources Deposits for 2011-2015 and up to 2020 adopted by resolution $431 of the Council of Ministers of 4 April 2011.

The purpose of the program is to meet the domestic demand for mineral resources and reduce the dependency on imported energy resources.

The program envisages a set of measures to reach the following goals:

  1. To increase extraction of mineral resources;
  2. To prepare for exploration and develop new mineral resources deposits;
  3. To conduct geological and prospecting exploration for the development of mineral resources base in Belarus in 2011-2015 and afterwards, including regional exploration (geophysical, geo-surveying and geo-searching works);
  4. To boost domestic fuel and energy capacity;
  5. Search, preliminary exploration and preparation for industrial development of new deposits of construction materials and other types of nonmetallic feed;
  6. Evaluation of crude ore deposits in Belarus;
  7. Examination of underground hydrosphere, search and exploration of fresh and mineral underground water;
  8. Geological exploration for other purposes than mineral resources deposit development;
  9. In-depth exploration of mineral resources deposits with preliminary positive technical-economic indicators;
    Research and information support of the program;
  10. Development and introduction of modern production technologies of geological exploration;
  11. Geological audit;
  12. Logistical support.

The program will help increase extraction of potassium salt by 15% by 2015, that of sodium chloride – by 82%, cement – by 32%, dolomite – by 11%, road metal – by 54%, glass raw materials – 41%, natural construction materials and peat by 58 and 115% respectively.

Nine new mining companies are slated for construction. Belarus will also start extracting brown coal, oil shale, iron ore, lime berg-meal, as well as initiate production of sodium carbonate, potassium hydroxide and other products.

Among new areas of geological exploration is expedited detailed exploration, renewal of geological surveying, and 5,000 to 6,000-meter deep drilling.