Main - Main Areas of Activities - Management and Protection of Lands, Flora, Forests and Landscapes

Management and Protection of Lands, Flora, Forests and Landscapes

The main areas of the protection and management of lands, mineral resources, plants and forests are:

  1. Drafting (taking part in drafting) legal acts;
  2. Enforcement of laws related to the environment, lands, forests, mineral resources and plants during:
    1. exploration of mineral resources deposits and mines;
    2. exploration of peat deposits and rehabilitation of disturbed land;
    3. storage, transportation and application of mineral fertilizers and pesticides;
    4. land allocation within water protection areas and coastland, protected forests, natural landmarks;
    5. activities involving land disturbance ( removal, preservation and exploration of the fertile soil layer), control over the timely and quality rehabilitation of disturbed land;
    6. reforestation and regeneration of forests;
    7. plant management;
    8. other activities negatively impacting land (including soil), mineral resources and plants, including forests;
  3. State environmental inspection of forest management facilities;
  4. Plant registry;
  5. Botanical collections registry;

Measures to prevent forest, peat land and grass fires.

STRATEGY on conservation and sustainable utilization of biological diversity for 2011-2020

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